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What is DMD?

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Indegene – Childhood Muscular Dystrophies – Dystrophinopathies

Neuromuscular – Dystrophinopathies

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Stem Cell Watch –

Muscular Dystrophy Center – Washington DC

Research News

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Duchenne Research

National Initiative for Families with Duchenne (NIFD)
The first large-scale needs assessment survey of the
Duchenne muscular dystrophy community in the US.
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Living with DMD

Living for Today, Preparing for Tomorrow

MD Transitions Group

DMD Realities

DMD Pioneers
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MD Awareness

Hope for Muscular Dystrophy

 Support Groups

Support and Discussion of Muscular Dystrophy

For All Moms

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GenMed Lab Mom

John John Boom’s Marine Corps Marathon Website

Mark Carson’s Caring Bridge

 For Children

Hope for Muscular Dystrophy Kids Connection