FED and CDRMP provided critical funding to discover and rapidly develop vamorolone (VBP15) – a drug currently in clinical trials in DMD boys.

Spearheaded by FED, vamorolone has been developed under an innovative venture philanthropy model, with extensive early de-risking of the program, with sharing of risk and sharing of potential benefit with over a dozen foundations and governments worldwide.  In effect, the business model has a fiduciary duty to stake holders, not stock holders.

Vamorolone hopes to make corticosteroid treatment of DMD boys obsolete.  While steroids increase the strength of DMD boys, and are standard of care, the side effect burdens are extensive and detract from quality of life.  Vamorolone hopes to retain or improve upon the benefit of steroids, while removing most or all the side effects.

FED is a co-founder of ReveraGen, and continues to play a major role in this venture philanthropy model and vision.  FED is encouraging the innovations in clinical trial design and conduct initiated and carried out by ReveraGen, laying the groundwork for an improved quality of life of DMD boys.

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